Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reduce stigma and enrich the lives of students from marginalized communities by increasing knowledge, practice and workforce preparedness in the wellness and mental health fields.

MESH's vision is to provide extracurricular programming designed to prepare student participants to develop knowledge, practice and career insight in mental, emotional and spiritual health.

MESH utilizes a 4-tiered program model designed to reduce behavioral issues and increase workforce participation for youth and young adults ages 10-24. We target students during developmental milestones and offer age-appropriate education and exposure through after-school programming, forums, and workshops which will shape the way youth respond to challenges and interact with others.

Our Program

A Message from the Founder


In 2018, I launched Trap Therapist, a platform to connect mental health professionals from urban, low-income backgrounds with each other and with clients from marginalized communities. Aware that layers of stigma prevent black and brown people from healing, I knew I couldn't stop there and began brainstorming others ways I could revolutionize the mental health industry. This led me to consider my experiences as a Portsmouth Public Schools student who excelled despite not feeling like there was a place for her. In fact, the running joke between my fellow STEM peers and I was "Dylesia isn't that kind of smart" - a statement I would boldly proclaim each time one of them mentioned their dreams of entering fields that required skills in hard sciences. 


Twelve years of formalized education and countless hours of science, technology, engineering, and math-related extracurricular activities later, I wholeheartedly knew the STEM fields weren't for me but struggled to figure out what was due to the lack of available alternative programming. Only after my first four years of college did I realize that my creative brain, love for interpersonal communication, and interest in the behavior of others had a place in the world. 


MESH is a physical manifestation of my hope that future generations of students don’t have to wait as long as I did to discover intersections between their passion and skill. Certain that the ultimate act of service is to create what you needed and be who you needed when you were younger, I founded MESH to shepherd students into holistic health fields such as Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Social Work, and to provide them with the tools to live mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy lifestyles. I truly believe that MESH is a powerhouse, with the capacity to change the life trajectories of millions of youth and young adults around the world. I encourage you to get involved by becoming a program participant, volunteer, academic partner, and/or financial contributor. Your support is greatly appreciated!